The Stage For Innovation

We all know the story of how Isaac Newton came to understand the force of gravity under an apple tree. Luckily enough, there won’t be any apples falling on people’s heads on the fourth floor, but there will be thousands of ideas flying back and forth.

The fourth floor in Gravitat – BTV House of Innovation is where ideas can take flight. For one evening, a workshop or a few months.

It gives you space to develop, sow and grow outstanding ideas.

Program Overview

InnoLab Meetup – Lessons learned from corporate venturing

Join us for an exciting in-person event where industry experts will share their valuable insights on corporate venturing. Discover the strategies, challenges, and successes behind this innovative approach to business growth. Whether you're an entrepreneur, investor, or simply curious about the corporate world, this event is a must-attend. Don't miss out on the opportunity to network with like-minded individuals and gain practical knowledge that can help shape your own ventures. Mark your calendars for this engaging event at Gravitat – BTV House of Innovation. See you there! registration

InnoLab Meetup – FuckUp Night: Corporate Innovation Special

InnoLab is teaming up with FuckUp Night Vorarlberg for “Corporate Innovation” special edition. More and more organizations are looking to embrace and celebrate failure in order to stimulate innovation within their workforce. Believe it or not, failing is part of life and, thus, of organizations. There is a relationship between the ability to fail and innovate. Developing new products is one-way corporations stay competitive in a rapidly changing market. But it doesn’t always work out. Join us at our “Corporate Innovation Special” and listen to inspiring speakers sharing their past failures. They embrace their professional failures to show us what we can learn from our mistakes and how corporates can cope with failure. Do not miss out on this unique opportunity to hear the fascinating stories of some innovation leaders in their field! registration

InnoLab – Open Demo Day

Join the InnoLab teams to see the ideas developed over 12 weeks. You will get a first look at the prototypes developed over three months, meet the company partners, and network with our InnoLab participants. Demo Day is the time for each team to showcase their achievements made throughout the intense months of the program. Mark your calendars for this engaging event at Gravitat – BTV House of Innovation. See you there! registration

Ready for

The innovation programme InnoLab

InnoLab is a 3-month innovation programme for regional companies. Gravitat gives them the space they need to develop innovations beyond the company’s core business.

Businesses can define their challenge to drive the green and digital transformation. Employees and external talents develop solutions in an open, customer-driven and iterative process. Weekly workshops with experts guide cross-functional teams from idea generation to prototype testing.

Meet the InnoLab team