The Stage For Innovation

We all know the story of how Isaac Newton came to understand the force of gravity under an apple tree. Luckily enough, there won’t be any apples falling on people’s heads on the fourth floor, but there will be thousands of ideas flying back and forth.

The fourth floor in Gravitat – BTV House of Innovation is where ideas can take flight. For one evening, a workshop or a few months.

It gives you space to develop, sow and grow outstanding ideas.

Program Overview

Use of open source technology in the age of the Digital Markets Act

In the keynote speech, the experts from fairkom provide an overview of the Digital Markets Act and discuss the most important regulations that can directly or indirectly impact companies' IT infrastructure and services. Using messenger services as an example, it shows how these new regulations force companies to adapt their digital strategies and develop innovative solutions in order to meet legal requirements. Register now


The InnoLab offers companies a special opportunity to realize green and digital transformation outside of their own core business. Innovative business models are developed within three months in interdisciplinary teams consisting of internal employees and external digital talents. The program takes place in Dornbirn from mid-September to mid-December. The innovation tasks of the corporate partners will be defined by June. Information about registration will follow.


February 20, 2024 - AI applications in industry & tourism

The integration of AI into business processes is a crucial step in digital evolution. At the first Skillshare event, Jeremias Fuchs from Localmind AI gave an exciting insight into the world of local and secure AI agents, specifically aimed at daily work in industry and tourism.

Practical applications of AI technologies were shown as part of a “meetup”. A keynote speech showed how AI-based knowledge management and interactive AI agents can transform workflows and open up new avenues for efficiency and internal interactions.

December 18, 2023 - Open Demo Day

The participants met the InnoLab teams to see which ideas were developed within 12 weeks. They received a first insight into the prototypes developed over three months, met the company partners and networked with our InnoLab participants.

November 20, 2023 - InnoLab Meetup - Lessons learned from corporate venturing

Exciting event where industry experts shared valuable insights on the topic of corporate venturing. Participants learned strategies, challenges and successes behind this innovative approach.

November 13, 2023 - Transforming Organizations with Artificial Intelligence

> Participants explored the dynamic landscape of AI implementation through expert perspectives.
> The participants exchanged ideas in interesting discussions about the practical integration of AI into their organization.
> Participants made contacts with other experts, opinion leaders and technology enthusiasts.
> It was a bilingual event.

October 20, 2023 - InnoDays Prototype Expo

“From idea to prototype in 48 hours” – Under this motto, the creative minds of InnoLab and participants from various universities worked on solutions for important innovation challenges.

October 16, 2023 - Exploring Open Innovation

The participants in this workshop immersed themselves in the exciting world of open innovation. They discovered the benefits and challenges of an open innovation approach in their organization. They gained insights from innovation experts and business thought leaders who have harnessed the power of open innovation management to drive growth and transformation.

> Find out from industry experts about the advantages and disadvantages of open innovation processes
> Participate in productive discussions to implement strategies for a successful open innovation method
> Connect with like-minded people, founders and visionaries from the field of innovative business ideas
> Bilingual event

October 2nd, 2023 - InnoDays Kickoff

As part of InnoDays Fall 2023, a kickoff took place where our challenge partners presented the challenges and set the course for an exciting collaboration. This was the chance to gain a deeper understanding of the challenges and get answers directly from the companies.

May 22, 2023 - Transparent media landscapes and open AI - desire and reality

In this workshop, DI Dr. Alton-Scheidl, board member of faircom, gave an overview of current developments in the media sector, showed some models for communication at a local level, highlighted filter algorithms in social media, presented alternatives and raised ethical questions about artificial intelligence.

Ready for Innovation?

The innovation program InnoLab

InnoLab is a 3-month innovation programme for regional companies. Gravitat gives them the space they need to develop innovations beyond the company’s core business.

Businesses can define their challenge to drive the green and digital transformation. Employees and external talents develop solutions in an open, customer-driven and iterative process. Weekly workshops with experts guide cross-functional teams from idea generation to prototype testing.

Meet the InnoLab team